Alfred Zappala is an attorney and law professor from Massachusetts.  Eszter Vajda is an Emmy-nominated journalist from Hungary.  It’s hard to imagine what these two could have in common, but they found it easily enough: a love for all things Sicilian.

Since 2014 Alfred and Eszter have been producing the online travel series, “You, Me & Sicily”, focusing not only on Sicily’s vast history and diverse customs, but on its people, who Alfred and Eszter call “points of light”.  Their delight with this lively island and its people shines through every moment of every episode.

They’ve posted 19 episodes so far, each around 10 minutes long, and this is one of my favorites!  But who doesn’t like to learn about traditional foods?  My stomach is already rumbling!

Find all of “You, Me & Siciliy” on their website and YouTube Channel, or keep current when new episodes are released by “Liking” their Facebook page.



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