Here are a few great resources for the Italian traveler that help me quite a bit when I’m prepping a new trip.  Below you can also find links to the various news sites and blogs that have published my works – they have a lot of other, great content that’s definitely worth checking out!

I love TripAdvisor for its Forums and Reviews.  You have to keep in mind that everyone travels differently and wants different kinds of experiences, but given that their traveler reviews and forums have helped me a great deal when planning my trips!  I have over 100 reviews on there, myself – can you find them?

Italian for the Traveler
I put together a list of words and phrases that I wish I had known when traveling to Italy for the first time.  Meant for English speakers with no knowledge of Italian, this short list isn’t overwhelming and includes approximate pronunciations.  
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Italy: I’m Gonna Need A Phone
Trying to figure out how to travel with a phone can be a long and frustrating process.  I went through a lot of trouble putting a plan together and then, once I got to Italy, realized that the most direct way really is the cheapest (even though its not really that cheap). 
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Also, here’s a great article from Condè Naste Traveler about Roaming Fees on your US Plan: Click Here

Google Translate
Google products in general translate fairly well (if you surf the web on Google Chrome, it will automatically translate websites to English from any other language, if desired).  In every language there are many ways to say the same thing and some make more sense than others, but in general I’ve found Google Translate to be very helpful in both writing emails to hotels, restaurants, etc and in understanding their replies.

Google Maps & Street View
Not only do I use Google Maps to route pedestrian walkways from my hotel to other places of interest (museums, ATMs, restaurants), but I also will “walk” important routes using Google Street View.  Nervous if you’ll be able to find your way from the bus stop to your hotel while carrying heavy luggage? Give it a test run on Street View.  Makes it SO much easier once you’re actually there!

One Day In Italy Weekly Anthology
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Donald Strachan’s Blog
Donald Strachan is a travel writer who writes about a variety of things, not all of them Italy, but he has a lot of Italy-relevant information on his blog.  If I’m looking for something and a quick Google search doesn’t easily provide it, I always check Donald’s site.  He’s a wealth of information!
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Ron in Rome
Before I went to Italy the first time, it was the little things that scared me most: how to operate the train ticket machines, how to find my way from the airport to the train station, where to pick up my Roma Pass.  Ron takes you step by step through all of that and more with photos and dumby-proof instructions.  Thank you, Ron!

Rome Toolkit
This is a highly informative site with details on many aspects of travel through Rome including transportation, hotels and B&Bs and attractions.  May seem a bit difficult to navigate at times, but that’s only because there’s so much detailed information!


Where I’ve Been Published

L’Italo-Americano is a non-profit biweekly publication serving the Italian-American community throughout the United States. Established in 1908, L’Italo-Americano is the oldest Italian-American newspaper in the US with a mission to promote and preserve Italian culture and heritage by reporting in both Italian and English on subjects such as arts and culture, literature, education, history, business, sciences, sports, lifestyle to name a few.

Made In Italy Mall Blog
This blog is a “virtual piazza” where everyone can share their love of Italian culture in a typical Italian way, with a relaxed but intellectually stimulating approach. We aspire to bring a fresh and authentic view of Italy to the blog due to our deep understanding of both the Italian and American perspective.

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