Packages & Rates

In addition to an hourly rate, One Day In Italy offers three packages of trip planning services to best suite your needs:

Basic – Trying to make the most of your trip but don’t have the time to research everything you’d like to know? I’ll go through all of the options of where (cities to go to, the best areas for hotels and restaurants), what (things to do, regional foods to try, ideas for experiences and activities), how (the best way to move between cities and within them, which attractions should be booked ahead of time) and when (advice on logistics, insider insights, tips and tricks)

Personalized – I’ll take you through your trip day by day, walking you through each step and going over fun and interesting ideas to make the most of your trip. This option works well for people who like to travel independently but want a specialist’s help to make sure they’re not wasting time, money or energy – and not missing out on something they’d love simply because they haven’t heard of it before! I’ll give you specific hotel and restaurant recommendations based on your preferences and help you brainstorm activities, gathering all of the info you’ll need to make the best decisions possible, including availability and pricing.  If you need help contacting anyone in Italy either by phone or email, I’ll reach out to them for you. Together, we’ll make your trip to Italy the best it can be!

Premium – In addition to all of the services listed above, I’ll send you printed, laminated materials to take with you on your trip, including personalized maps that show your hotel, preferred activities and personalized restaurant suggestions.  You’ll also get my Traveler’s Tips & Phrasebook with advice on tipping, public transportation, cultural differences and key phrases for restaurants, shopping and getting around. I’ll be available to you up to the time of your departure for changes and adjustments (new printed materials may not be able to be provided) and during your trip if you need additional assistance.  Let’s make sure this is the vacation of your dreams!

See the table below for a full breakdown or view the brochure to find out more about One Day In Italy’s trip planning services.





Unlimited General Advice




Where To Go, What To Do & See




City-to-City Transport

Transit within a City

Personalized Advice Based on Interests, Preferences & Budget




Where To Go, What To Do & See


3 Hotel Options in Each City


Restaurant Options


3 (2 per day)

3 (3 per day)



City-to-City Transport (including times & pricing)


Transit within a City (including route options)


Additional Services




Budget Overview


Daily Itinerary


Translation Services


Oversees Communication While Planning


Basic Information on Key Sights



Changes & Adjustments Till Time of Departure



Support During Your Trip



Detailed Follow-Up with Links

to Review Your Favorite Experiences



Additional Materials




Traveler’s Phrasebook & Audio Book


(via email)

(print & email)

Tips & Tricks Guide



(print & email)

Laminated Itinerary & Custom Maps



Interactive Maps to Access

From Your Computer or Mobile Device


Basic Information on Key Sights



Detailed Historical Information on Key Sights



(Note: Fees are based on travel parties of 6 people or less traveling together. For larger travel parties or travel parties that would like to split up for certain days or activities, please inquire)

$250 (flat)

$75 per travel day

$125 per travel day

Ready to start planning your dream vacation?  The first step is to take my Travel Style Quiz that will tell me all I need to know to get started.  After submitting a $50 deposit, you’ll be redirected to a page where you can download the Travel Style Quiz.  Send me the completed Quiz and within 72 hours I’ll send you three personalized trip plans based on your timeframe, budget and interests.  If you choose to move forward with one of the Trip Planning Packages above, the $50 deposit is applied to whichever package you choose.

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