The Easter Bunny Found Me in Verona

The Easter Bunny hasn’t come for me since I moved away from Florida, but being SO FAR away from home for Easter made me a little nostalgic for waking up to a basket of candy.  I’d strolled through the streets of Verona admiring the Easter windows and colorful confections, bought myself a few little treats, but it wasn’t quite the same as having someone else – much less a mystical bunny rabbit – think of me on Easter morning.

That’s why I was so delighted when I came back to B&B Casapiu late on Holy Saturday and found this waiting on my doorstep:


The Easter Bunny (otherwise known as Marco, one of the B&B owners) had come!  I was so incredibly excited!

I had seen these tall, thin brightly wrapped packages in store windows but wasn’t exactly sure what they were.


When you unwrap the foil, there’s a large, chocolate egg inside on a plastic stand.  Hollow, thank goodness (that would be a lot of chocolate!).

After contemplating for a while how to break it without having it go all over (Marco wouldn’t thank me for ants), I decided to just bite into it.


Just kidding!  I wrapped it back loosely in the foil, then hit it with my hand to break it open.


When I unwrapped the foil, I found two little cards inside.


No idea what they were; they reminded me of a Pokemon / trading card type of fad.  Whatever – the important thing was the chocolate :)  Which I ate as a late night snack, for breakfast on Easter morning, for Easter lunch… it wasn’t pretty. (But oh so good!)

I will be eternally grateful to Marco for being so thoughtful!  Having the Easter Bunny show up for me while so far away from home was the best ever – so much appreciated!  What did the Easter Bunny bring you this morning??



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