I had this lovely piadina with squacquerone cheese, prosciutto and arugula in San Marino.  Yum!

Piadina is on the official list of traditional foods for the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, and is usually cooked on a terracotta dish (though now flat pans or electric griddles are often used).  A simple but tasty combination of flour, olive oil or lard (yikes), sat and water, many think the term “piada” came from the Greek word for “pie” but others believe it must have Eastern European roots, since the Eastern Roman Empire had such influence in the region in the early Middle Ages.

Wherever it originated, it’s yummy.  You can get it filled with a variety of ingredients, from salty to sweet, but I prefer this simple, traditional combination.  So, so good!

What are your favorite piadina fillings?



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