I hurried inside and down to my room on the bottom floor of Hotel Vega, changed clothes and went to the window.

The sun was out!  My window was actually a “door” onto the hotel deck, so I grabbed my camera, opened the window outward and climbed out.  Instantly a cold wind hit me and I had left my jacket inside in my haste, but I didn’t care.  I had never seen anything so beautiful in my life.

Have you ever really noticed that the air was CLEAR?  I mean, yes, the air is always “clear”, but THIS air was so clear it seemed to amplify everything around it.  Colors were brighter, shapes were crisper – everything seemed like it had been touched up by photoshop, but it was REAL.

I couldn’t stop taking pictures!

I could see the mountain tops over the roof of the hotel – covered in freshly fallen snow.

I took pictures of the same things from ten different angles, and even now, when I was trying to decide which ones were the most beautiful so I didn’t have to post all of them, I couldn’t decide.  So you’re getting all of them, duplicate (or triplicate) subjects and all.

I ran inside and got my iPad to take a video:

When I finished I turned around and Marco, the owner of the hotel who had been so friendly during my days there, was standing on the deck of the breakfast room on the next level.  ”Its beautiful, yes?”, he called down.

Beautiful didn’t do it justice.  I don’t think any English word could.

Italian words sound like they do the job so much better…

Che meraviglioso!

Che bellissimo!

Che stupendo!

Che maestoso!

Che incantevole!

Che perfetto!

And it was.  Marvelous, beautiful, wonderful, majestic, enchanting, PERFECT.  I was so happy I was laughing.

Simply. Marvelous.



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